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Dog Boarding

We offer superior pet lodging in our state-of-the-art facilities.
We are not your average dog boarding facility. Karnik offers superior pet lodging accommodations in our state-of-the-art facilities. Each pet's suite has an inside area and an outside patio. We do what you do naturally at home—monitor each guest's personality, appetite, elimination and medication, if necessary. We provide a range of activities and interaction for you to choose from to keep your pet happy, healthy, and entertained while you are away. Also be sure to check out our cat boarding page for details on our cozy suites!

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Dog Daycare

Daycare for dogs means one on one playtime for your furry friend while you are out.
Whether at work, shopping, having work done at your home, or if your shy dog needs help socializing, we offer dog daycare in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Toledo, Ohio and Monclova Ohio. We will take care of your dog with a royal touch, attending to their every need with playtime and attention from both humans and other dogs. Doggie daycare enrollment is easy too!

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Superb Cat Boarding

Cats feel like kings in our cat condos and suites, just like they're on vacation too!
We are also proud of our superior cat lodging accommodations in our state-of-the-art facilities. We provide scenic cat condos and suites for our feline friends in a beautiful, home-like setting. Choose from standard cat condos, deluxe condos, or premium cat suites. Cats are treated like royalty by our loving staff.

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Lodging Reservations

Take the first step in providing a comfortable vacation for your dogs or cats today.
Reserve a special place for them, by calling our reservations specialists. Together, we will design the best activity level for your best friend. Making reservations for your loving pets couldn't be simpler. Pick from one of our three convenient locations in Maumee & Toledo, Ohio, or Ann Arbor Michigan. Simply give us a call today!

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Pet Cremation

At Karnik, we are committed to providing all pet owners with compassion and dignity in dealing with the loss of their pet.
Your pet is meticulously cared for from the very beginning of the pet cremation process, to the very end. We believe in treating all of the pets entrusted to our care as if they were our own, while recognizing the emotional bond between a pet and its master. Karnik Memorial Garden services many of the veterinarians in Toledo, Ohio and the surrounding vicinity.

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Horse Cremation

The loss of a horse can be just as difficult as losing a family member.
The overwhelming size and weight of these extraordinary creatures can introduce an entirely new set of obstacles in regards to handling them humanely. Karnik Memorial Garden has proudly implemented a system in which your equine is gently and very carefully moved from your location to ours prior to the cremation process.



We employ individuals who share the same love for pets as we do.
We are proud to offer positions with full or part time hours, competitive wages, and potential for cross training. Karnik Pet Lodges requires the care of pets 365 days a year (yes, this means Saturdays, Sundays, and every holiday). We are busiest during all holidays, when the pets' owners are traveling. Click here to fill out an online application.