Horse Cremation


The loss of a horse can be just as difficult as losing a family member. The overwhelming size and weight of these extraordinary creatures can introduce an entirely new set of obstacles in regards to handling them humanely. Karnik Memorial Garden has proudly implemented a system in which your equine is gently and very carefully moved from your location to ours for the horse cremation process.

We have the longest standing reputation for pet cremations in the Northwest Ohio area, and now have the means and the equipment to respectfully and very humanely handle your horse. From the gentle pickup process, to the caring transportation, and finally, the delicate placement of your beloved animal into the furnace, we are setting new standards in horse cremation services. We firmly believe that your horse should be lovingly cared for after its passing, regardless of its size and mass, and we stand behind this principle.

Pickup is included at no charge within a 30 mile radius of our facility, but we can also pick up from a maximum 120 mile radius upon request. We service the Toledo, Ohio and surrounding vicinity, including but not limited to: Ann Arbor, Michigan, Ft. Wayne, Indiana, Detroit, Michigan, Lansing, Michigan, and Sandusky, Ohio.

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